Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mapquest Online Map of Meeting Place

-> CLICK HERE <- to see a Mapquest online map of our meeting place, Zion Lutheran Church in Appleton, WI. The red star is the location. It's on the corner of Oneida St. and Winnebago St. which is in between Wisconsin and College Avenues. We meet in one of the conference rooms in the building attached to the church. Park in the lot behind the church, enter the building and go up one set of stairs. Turn right and the room is about halfway down the hall, on your right.

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Fox Valley FM Support Group said...

Stump the Pain Experts

September is Pain Awareness Month and the Green Bay Area Pain and Comfort Team (PACT)
is giving people with pain, friends of people with pain, and those who serve people with pain, the opportunity to “Stump” a panel of experts who deal with pain on a regular basis.

The panel will take their seats on Thursday, September 11 at Whole Health center at 2100 Riverside Dr. in Allouez. Registration begins at 6 p.m with questions and answers beginning at 6:30 p.m. Attendees will receive a free copy of the 2008 “Community Resources for People with Pain” guide. Free parking. Follow the signs to the Whole Health entrance.

The program is part of PACT’s free educational series “Positive Solutions for Pain.” Any and all questions related to dealing with and treating pain will be entertained. Inquiries about the evening’s event can be directed to Brenda at 371-1787.

Headlining the panel will be Nurse Practitioner Helen Wellens from Bellin Health who deals with in-patient and palliative care and has been active for many years with the American Society of Pain Management Nurses. Another featured panel member will be Marla VanLaanen from the St. Vincent Sleep Lab who can address issues related to pain and sleep (or lack thereof). Adding his expertise will be Psychotherapist Tom Bekkers whose work has included several self-help groups. Rounding out the expert roster will be a representative or two from the occupational, physical, and massage therapy fields.

PACT is an organization of health care professionals and volunteers who have been working together in the community for the past twelve years. It is their mission to be advocates for and provide educational opportunities to improve the management of both acute and chronic pain.